Vern Gosdin Net Worth

If you’re into Country Music, you’ve probably heard of Vern Gosdin. He was one of the most prominent stars in the field. His name is synonymous with pure, clean, country sound.

In the late 70s and early 80s, Gosdin became part of the California West Coast Country music scene. There, he teamed with producer Gary S. Paxton and helped to create a new form of country rock. This was a huge hit in its time, and the album, “Chiseled in Stone,” became his first Certified Gold record. The album included several signature songs from Gosdin.

As the music industry in the US began to shift towards country rock, Vern went on to become a major player. During this period, he had several hits that reached the top of the charts. For instance, his song “Till the End” reached number seven in the Billboard chart. It was also recorded by Willie Nelson.

During this period, he was also part of the Flying Burrito Brothers. With these bands, he wrote a lot of songs. He was also known for his collaboration with Joe Sins of the country duo The Sins. When they released their debut album, it also featured a song that was written by Emmylou Harris.

But, in his later years, he suffered two strokes and cut back on his performances. However, he continued writing and recording. By the time he passed away in 2009, he had a total of four #1 singles. One of these was his song, “Set ‘Em Up Joe,” a tribute to Ernest Tubb.

Before he became a successful singer, Gosdin had a shady past. His father didn’t want him to pursue a career in music. Instead, he worked in his family’s glass business.

Gosdin grew up in Woodland, Alabama, where he sang in a local Baptist church. He also sang gospel songs on his radio station. Later on, he formed a quartet called the Gosdin Brothers with his brother, Rex. These brothers were able to make it on the charts, especially in the late 1960s with their song, “Hangin’ On.”

In the early 1980s, Gosdin landed with an independent label, Compleat Records. He re-released his “Hangin’ On” duet with Emmylou Harris. Soon after, he signed with Columbia Records. After that, he had a string of hits. Several of them reached the top of the charts, including the 1989 CMA song of the year.

He had a lot of hits, but his cash flow was not great. Throughout his career, he worked with 20 different labels and had a rough time with his financial situation.

Eventually, he moved to Nashville and became a well-known singer. At this point, he had eleven songs that reached the Top 10 on the charts. He also won the 1989 CMA Song of the Year award for his song, “Chiseled in Stone.”

Despite the scandals and poor cash flow, Vern Gosdin was still able to leave a legacy in the country music industry. In the end, he was honored by his peers with induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame.