Whamos Cruz Net Worth

Whamos Cruz is a young Filipino Tiktok star who has a very huge fan base. He is known for his humorous and entertaining videos. His YouTube channel has over 292k subscribers, and his TikTok account has more than 10 million followers.

Whamos Cruz was born on June 1, 1997, in the Philippines. He is five feet seven inches tall and has brown hair. He has a pet dog. He has attended private secondary school in the Philippines.

Whamos Cruz is an artist and has worked as a digital content developer in the Philippines. Afterwards, he attended a reputable university in the country for a bachelor’s degree.

In April of this year, he auditioned for the reality television show Idol Philippines. However, he was not selected. Nevertheless, his tryout garnered a lot of interest from the appointed authorities of this program.

Before he went to school, Whamos grew up in the Philippines. Although he was born in a country that is not popular for its artists, he was able to make his mark as a dancer. The dance he performed on the TikTok song “Heartbreak Anniversary” became an instant hit.

Whamos Cruz is currently dating Antonette Gail Del Rosario, a social media star who has a large Instagram following. The two have been dating since July of 2021. They have also announced that they are expecting a child. Despite their difficulties, the two have managed to overcome their critics and continue in their relationship.

Since they are expecting a baby, they have opted to sell their gold jewelry. Their decision came after a disagreement with their family. Moreover, they have updated their luxury brand. Both of them are aiming to earn a sum of money through their social media presence and web-based media sponsorships.

Whamos Cruz is a social media influencer and dancer who has a very large fan base. Aside from his TikTok account, he has a YouTube account and an Instagram account. With over 120K followers, he is able to earn money through these platforms.

He has a net worth of $600K USD in 2021. He earned his money through social media sponsorships. Furthermore, he is a very talented dancer who has a great fan base on his TikTok account. As of September of this year, he has gained 10.3 million followers on his TikTok profile.

Whamos Cruz’s social media presence has made him a trending topic online. He has more than ten million followers on his TikTok account and a huge fan base on his YouTube account. Not only does he create witty and humorous content, he is also a great dancer. Besides his TikTok and YouTube channels, he also regularly posts Vlogs on Instagram.

Although he has not said much about his family, it is believed that he has a mother and siblings. Whamos and his girlfriend, Antonette Gail Del Rosario, are expecting a child. It is anticipated that the couple will pay for their missing money.