What Has Sweet Brown Net Worth Done For Her?

Sweet Brown is a celebrity that has built a cult following and is making a name for herself by taking advantage of the viral power of social media. She has starred in many television shows and has made several appearances on YouTube. Aside from that, she has also produced several commercials. For instance, she has starred in advertisements for Walmart, McDonald’s, and Ford. During her tenure with the Ford advertising agency, she received the most amount of attention. However, her biggest credit may have come from her role in the Tyler Perry film A Madea Christmas.

Sweet Brown is also known for her viral video that is still going strong and is the subject of a lawsuit. Her catchy ad for Shortline Dental has garnered over 500,000 views on YouTube. The video has also spawned a number of parody videos. In one of the more impressive videos, she sported a convincing superhero costume. But what has the famed Sweet Brown really done for her net worth?

The most notable feat of Sweet Brown’s career has been her ability to create viral video content. In addition to her many appearances on YouTube, she has been featured in advertisements for McDonald’s, 18002SellHomes, and a local attorney named Brian Loncar. And a recent commercial for 18002SellHomes garnered more than a half million views. While she hasn’t mentioned her other notable work, her IMDb page shows that she has been a part of several television programs. This includes co-hosting a Dallas-based television show dubbed Cheaters.

She has also been mentioned in the news on numerous occasions. In fact, she was interviewed by a local television station in her hometown of Oklahoma City. During the interview, she said that she had a fire in her apartment that forced her to flee. It wasn’t until she went online and discovered that there was a viral video of her making the same statement that she got her big break.

What started as a cleverly disguised advertisement for an unknown food item later became a hysterical video with over 23 million views on YouTube. She even has her own line of t-shirts. That isn’t to say she hasn’t earned a bit of money from the experience. After all, she was paid $500 for the use of her likeness in the commercial.

Although Sweet Brown has earned her share of media hype, she has never won a major award. That being said, she has a well-rounded portfolio of projects that include commercials, web series, and a book. Her latest project is a reality show dubbed the Sweet Browns. There is a lot more to her story than meets the eye. Whether she wins the show or not, her life has already changed for the better.

When it comes to Sweet Brown’s net worth, it’s no secret that she has been on the road to success. She has earned her keep from her appearances on television and her YouTube videos, but hasn’t had much time to delve into the personal side of her life.