What is Doug Benefield Net Worth?

If you are curious about Doug Benefield’s net worth, the first place to look is his family. The former Navy veteran is survived by his mother, his grandmother, his uncle, and his aunt. He has also left behind a daughter named Eva. She is now 17 years old.

Doug Benefield met his wife, Ashley, at a Republican Party fundraiser in Palm Beach, Florida. After dating for a little over a week, they married. However, the relationship was rocky, and it was only a matter of time before the pair fell apart. In November 2019, Doug filed for divorce. A month later, Ashley gave birth to a baby girl without telling Doug.

According to reports, the two argued over the child, and the mother told police that Doug put a gun to her head during a wedding. Later, the two traded allegations of infidelity. At one point, Benefield tried to disqualify the trial judge.

In July 2018, a hearing was set for the couple. It was eventually thrown out. Throughout the four-year marriage, the two had a history of arguing. They were often at odds, but the couple seemed happy for the first year of their relationship.

However, there were a few months when the couple remained estranged. In September 2017, when it was rumored that Douglas was leaving Charleston to move to Maryland, Ashley lodged a complaint against him. Although he denied the allegations, he did not respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

During their divorce, Benefield and his lawyer, Stephanie Murphy, suspected that Ashley had made false complaints. But they closed their investigation as unfounded.

Then, in late August, Doug contacted a private investigator. Doug and his family were not aware of Ashley’s pregnancy. That was until a month later, when Doug saw that his wife had a ring on her finger. While he was shocked, he thought that they were finally back together.

A few months later, Doug and his family were involved in a custody battle. It was during that time that Ashley gave birth to a baby girl, and she had no intention of telling Doug.

A few weeks after that, a note was left for Doug at the hospital, stating that she was worried about being in Charleston. As a result of the incident, he hired a private investigator to find out what was going on. His investigation revealed that Ashley was creating an escape plan. This led to the shooting that killed Douglas.

Doug’s widow, Renee, died nine months later. When she died, her body was found face-down in her bed. Police officers had been called to her home and discovered that the couple had been fighting. Afterwards, Renee’s cell phone was searched. And investigators learned that Doug had been kicking her.

Fortunately, Ashley had a strong attorney. As part of her defense, she claimed that the shooting was in self-defense. Her attorney also told investigators that Ashley had a plan to get out of the house.