What is Fanum’s Net Worth?

Fanum is a social media personality and YouTube Star. He began his YouTube career in January 2013, launching his first channel, “PhantomSlice.” Since then, he has launched two other channels, “JustFanum” and “Fanum Live,” as well as a reaction channel called “FanumJustReacted.” With these channels, Fanum has accumulated a huge following on social media.

Besides YouTube, Fanum is also active on TikTok and Instagram. His videos have received good views and his followers are increasing on these platforms. As a result, he has earned royalties from these sites. Aside from this, he is also earning through his subscriptions on Twitch.

Fanum was born in New York, United States on 22 August 1997. He grew up in a Christian family. At age 21, he graduated from a local private high school. During this time, he was heavily involved in sports and co-curricular activities. After graduating from high school, he attended a local private university.

Fanum’s family is composed of his mother and father. His mother is a housewife, while his father is a businessman. Apart from these, he has one brother. The younger brother has appeared in many of Fanum’s videos.

Fanum has a normal body type. He weighs 85 kg and is 5 feet 10 inches tall. However, he has no biceps. Instead, he has a strong mind and an intelligent personality.

In fact, the YouTube star is not yet married. Though he has been rumored to be dating someone, he has never revealed the details. Despite this, he enjoys being out with his fans and he likes to hang out with his pets.

Fanum’s total assets are $3 million. He also has a salary. Some of his royalties come from his social media profiles, which include YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. For his work on the first two channels, he earns over $10k to $20k per month. Another source of income for the YouTube star is his involvement in various competitive videos.

In addition, Fanum has collaborated with other YouTubers. He has worked with the artist HankDaTank25 and the shooting team ShootEveryone. He has also created some funny memes for his fans. Most of his work is related to gaming content, such as NBA 2k montages. Other than this, he has a collaborative group on YouTube called AMP. This includes ImDavisss, Kai Cenat, and Chrisnxtdoor.

The YouTube star is known to have a net worth of between $1 to $5 million. He has earned most of his wealth through his YouTube and TikTok channels, and his income from other sources is only minimal. However, his YouTube channel has more than 80k subscribers, while his TikTok and Instagram accounts have more than 200k and 347k, respectively.

Fanum’s net worth is expected to rise in the future, as his popularity on social media and video game platforms increases. As a YouTube Star, he has amassed a great number of fans who are willing to donate to his cause.

Fanum is also a member of a collaborative group called AMP, which includes other popular YouTubers. This collaborative group posts competitive videos on their channels. Also, Fanum runs a segment named “New York problems,” which he shares with his followers.