What Is Lil Perkio Net Worth?

Lil Perkio, a rapper from the United States of America, has become a popular internet sensation for his resemblance to Lil Durk. He is known for posing as the infamous Chicago rapper in lip sync videos, but has also gained attention for his attempts to make a musical collaboration with Steve Will Do It. In addition to his YouTube channel, he has also created an Instagram account. The rapper has been spotted wearing matching snapbacks and designer blue puffer jackets, suggesting that he is between the ages of 22 and 23. While his appearance suggests that he is a young man, he also has blonde dreads, which may suggest that he is a child.

Perkio has been trolled on social media by Tekashi 6ix9ine, a rapper who often takes on the persona of other celebrities. This particular incident made headlines in both music and social media, but both sides of the story are now coming to light. Although the two rappers haven’t gotten in touch with each other, both have taken to posting content about the encounter. After his confrontation with 6ix9ine, Perkio decided to share a video about it. Not only did he share his own perspective on the matter, but he also provided some background information on his relationship with the rapper.

Earlier this year, the lookalike of the infamous rapper, who goes by the name “Fake Drake,” appeared on the set of Lil Durk’s album “Dark Sky Paradise” in Miami. He posed alongside the rapper for a TikTok duet. A clip of the incident reportedly went viral on the web, and Lil Prekio took up the issue in an Instagram Live video.

However, 6ix9ine continued to film Perkio, despite his explanation that he didn’t want to participate in the session. He also uploaded a video of himself teasing him, revealing that he has been giving him King Von’s coat. Fortunately, Durk was not mad. His response has garnered over 20,000 likes on Instagram. As for his net worth, Perkio hasn’t released a salary, but his Instagram account has over 300K followers. Currently, he’s accepting bookings for tours, which would help him offset the income he receives from his performances. Whether he’s successful with his business plan is another story.

Regardless of his claims about being incarcerated by 6ix9ine, it’s likely that he was only ambushed by him and his crew. That’s assuming that he doesn’t have any legitimate talent in musicals. Otherwise, his claim of being the real deal could be true. But until he’s officially revealed his real name, his age is a mystery. Nevertheless, he is expected to make his identity public soon.

With his recent mishaps, it appears that Perkio has learned his lesson about impersonating people. He’s taken to making appearances for cash, and is now looking to make some money off of his appearances with Lil Durk. His Instagram profile has already gathered more than 313k followers, so there’s no reason to doubt his success.