Whoppa Wit Da Choppa Net Worth

Whoppa Wit Da Choppa is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and a musician. He is famous for his musical compositions and zany lyrical style. His music is widely appreciated, and he has been able to gain an audience of over half a million followers on YouTube.

Whoppa Wit Da Choppa was born as Anthony Nicholas Williams. He was raised in Jacksonville, Florida. Before becoming a professional rapper, he worked as a laborer in a construction company. In his teenage years, he played basketball and American football. However, he was arrested for driving without a license when he was fifteen and sixteen. After being convicted of the charge, he was sentenced to almost two years in jail.

Although he has not attained the notoriety of superstars such as Jay Z and Kanye West, he is still a talented artist. As of the present, his net worth is estimated to be around $100,000. Some of his popular songs include ‘Who I Smoke’ and ‘A Thousand Miles Remix’, both of which have received over ten million views on YouTube.

Despite his success, he is not very open about his personal life. Hence, it is hard to find information about his age and family. The best guess of his age is about 20-25. While his parents are unknown, he has an unknown brother. He has also never been spotted with a woman in public.

The musician has been able to work with a number of musical groups, including FastMoney Goon and Yungeen Ace. He has also toured with rap group NLE Choppa. Since his early days, he has been interested in rapping. But, it was not until his 20s that he finally found his passion. This is when he signed with Roy Jones Jr.’s record label Body Head Entertainment. Aside from music, he has also worked as a scaffolder at a J.E.A. plant.

He has never been seen with a girlfriend in public. Though, he has appeared in some channels, he has been more focused on his career. At the present, he has published twenty-three songs on the Apple store. Moreover, he has released a mixtape with Spinabenz titled KU Life in 2020.

Whoppa With Da Choppa is a music artist who has mastered his craft and is now a top specialist in the music industry. The young artiste has collaborated with other musicians and will continue to do so. It is expected that his music will be popular in the coming years.

Although he has yet to attain the fame of his idols, Whoppa is developing quickly. Recently, he has released a new song titled “No Love Anthem” in February 2018. Another song, ‘Vanish Mode’, was also released in the same month. When he released these songs, his audience started to increase. Therefore, it is believed that Whoppa will soon be a millionaire.

As of the moment, the rapper has not disclosed any details about his age, his family or his girlfriend. He might share these facts on a special occasion.