William Boyett Net Worth

There’s no question that actor William Boyett has been around a while. He was a veteran character actor, best known for his role on the police show Adam-12. However, he also had a storied career in film and television, starring in a number of notable TV shows and movies. His contributions to American pop culture include The A-Team, The Rocketeer, Space Patrol, and the ‘Tales of the Texas Rangers’. In addition to his acting career, he was a producer and executive for the CBS anthology series Schlitz Playhouse of Stars, where he also got his first acting job.

William Boyett started out his career as a radio actor, appearing in a number of stage productions in New York. He eventually landed a role in the ABC western series The Rebel, where he played the title role of Deputy Sheriff Ben Simon. From there, he made his way to Los Angeles, where he spent the next few years acting in television series, movies, and stage plays.

He appeared in several motion pictures, including the aforementioned The Rocketeer and the aforementioned Official Detective, but his best role was as the infamous Mac MacDonald on the cult classic series Adam-12. For the majority of the series’ run, Boyett stayed with the show, and he even starred in the movie version of the show, where he played the titular role.

Not surprisingly, he was a star of the show, earning the accolade of best actor of the year, as well as the aforementioned award for his performance. While he was in town, he met his wife, Willagene Wither, who was to become a famous actress in her own right. They were married for over thirty-five years before separating in 2010. Although his career was cut short, the actor left a lasting impression on many fans.

William Boyett was born on January 3, 1927, in Akron, Ohio. During World War II, he enlisted in the Navy. Once his service was completed, he moved with his family to the Los Angeles area. Over the course of his career, he acted in a number of television programs, including the CBS anthology series Schlitz Playhouse Of Stars, where he got his start. As a result of his popularity, he also landed several prominent roles in television movies, such as The Love Boat, The Rocketeer, and The Love Stinger. One of his lesser known roles was as a weather forecaster on KCEN-TV Channel 6 in Waco-Temple TX. Despite his success as a celebrity, the actor remained true to his humble beginnings, eschewing high-paying roles for low-key jobs.

Upon his release from the Navy, Boyett stepped into the world of acting. He made his television debut in a 1959 episode of the CBS anthology series Schlitz Playhouse o Stars. Throughout his tenure on the show, he appeared in several minor and major supporting roles, including a recurring role as Captain Art in the ABC western series, The Rebel. Afterwards, he landed the lead role in the acclaimed crime drama, Space Patrol.