YBS Skola Net Worth

YBS Skola is an American rapper. Born in Baltimore, Maryland, he is part of the YBS (“Young Ballers Shining”) crew. He is also known for his debut mixtape No Pen Just Paper, which featured the single “Whole Lotta Money.”

Although the rapper has never publicly discussed his personal life, his father Stokey Cannady has shared a few details about YBS’s birth. His parents are prominent community leaders and activists, and they both encouraged their son to pursue a music career.

YBS Skola was born on June 30, 1994 in Baltimore, Maryland. He grew up in the Edmondson Village in West Baltimore. As a child, he aspired to be a professional athlete. However, his family advised him to take a more creative path.

At the age of seventeen, he recorded his first song. It was a tribute to local artist Lor Scoota. Lor and YBS worked together to make the song, “Go-Getters and Shines,” one of YBS’s most popular songs. This song became a YBS anthem.

When he was younger, Skola was called Dajuan Cannady. However, he changed his name to YBS after becoming a member of a local rap group, the YBS crew. YBS’s debut album, No Pen Just Paper, was released in early 2016, followed by the album’s re-release, No Pen Just Paper Reloaded, in early 2018.

The YBS crew is a group of aspiring rappers who are under the guidance of Lor Scoota, a local artist who was murdered in June of this year. After Scoota’s death, Skola became the lead artist of the YBS crew.

YBS Skola has a net worth of $1.5 million. Nevertheless, this figure can fluctuate. He has an estimated income of around $12,000 to $40,000, but his overall salary is unknown.

During his high school years, Skola aspired to be a professional sportsman, and he played various sports. When he went to college, he hoped to receive a sport scholarship. Despite his hopes, he decided that rap was more important to him.

YBS is a talented and hardworking rapper who has achieved success in his profession. His rap lyrics are filled with inspirational messages to youth. But, while he has established a solid foundation in the music industry, he is still uncertain about what to do to build a national fanbase. Nevertheless, he has a wide fan base in the Baltimore area. Moreover, he has been awarded with the title of the Richest Rapper in Maryland.

YBS Skola is an African-American musician and songwriter. Born in Baltimore, he is the son of prominent community leader Stokey Cannady. In addition to being a musician, he is a talented social activist. With a strong background in his community, he has a commitment to rehabilitating the West Baltimore area.

YBS Skola has also a wife and kids. However, he prefers not to publicly share these details. Generally, he only posts pictures related to his music career. Nevertheless, he has a wildly successful Instagram account. There are currently 208k followers on his profile.