Yossi Dina Net Worth

In the early 1980s, Yossi Dina emigrated to the United States, and he opened a pawnshop in Beverly Hills. He was soon known for his expertise as a pawnbroker. After years of carrying around business in his briefcase, he was able to build a good reputation for himself.

As he became more and more successful, Dina decided to open a second store in Beverly Hills. This store, known as the Dina Collection, has been in business for over 25 years. The store has acquired numerous fine art, and priceless antiques. A large part of the store’s inventory includes a collection of signed and first editions. It also has a collection of expensive watches and luxury timepieces.

Despite his success, Dina has also suffered from a number of street attacks. For a period, he was living on a kibbutz in Israel. However, he eventually made his way to Los Angeles in 1979. From there, he worked as an intelligence officer in Paris. While living in Paris, he sold jewelry door-to-door, selling $20 pieces of jewelry to a number of people. These sales helped to put Yossi on the path to success.

Soon after his move to Los Angeles, Dina realized he was in the right place for a career. His skills as an entrepreneur landed him a spot on the television show, Beverly Hills Pawn, on Reelz Channel. During the show’s seven seasons, Dina traveled to the homes of celebrities, cutting deals, and hobnobbing with them.

Ultimately, Dina’s success led to the opening of the Dina Collection in Beverly Hills. The shop has become known as the premier pawnbroker in the area. It is known for its rare and unique pieces of jewelry and fine art. Through careful investment and resale of one-of-a-kind works of art, Yossi Dina has amassed a substantial net worth.

Since he opened his pawnshop in Beverly Hills, Dina has built a diversified portfolio. He has amassed a wealth of assets, such as a multi-million dollar beach home in Malibu. And he is still looking for a wife.

Dina was born in Israel on August 21, 1954. Although he grew up in a kibbutz, he spent his adulthood in Paris, France, before settling in Los Angeles. Among his many achievements, he has been credited with starting the luxury diamond store, Dina Collection, in 1984.

Although Dina’s life began as a humble kibbutz member, his fortune has grown steadily as he has branched out into various fields. He has been recognized as a talented entrepreneur and has accumulated a net worth of over $10 million. Several of his most notable clients include celebrities such as Angelina Gibson and Deena Cortese.

He has amassed a significant amount of money through the resale of one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry and unique art. When he first came to the United States, he started out selling jewelry door-to-door, and has since amassed a substantial amount of wealth.

Currently, Yossi Dina lives in a 3500 square foot residence in Malibu. He is not married, but his girlfriend has been on several occasions.