Carlton Funderburke Net Worth

Carlton Funderburke is the founder and senior pastor of The Well, a charismatic church in Kansas City. He and his wife, Sylvarena, have three children and reside in South Kansas City. They are also the chief operating officers of Anointed One Ministries, a nonprofit organization that specializes in the ministry of reconciliation.

Carlton Funderburke’s net worth is estimated to be $350 million. His other gigs include serving on the board of directors for the North Central Province of the Global United Fellowship and being a member of the executive board for the same organization. He has also founded a para-church organization called His Hands Extended. His most recent endeavor is a website aimed at linking corporate America with grassroots Christian organizations.

Aside from his work at the Well, Carlton is a high profile conference speaker. He has given the most memorable speech of his career to the Rotary Club of the Midwest, and has been a featured guest at a number of major conferences. Carlton and Sylvarena are also a dynamic duo, and make a great team. Their ministry is about to make a splash internationally. In addition to being a leading evangelist in their home state, they are a powerful kingdom force in the modern world.

While a number of other people might be astonished to learn that a pastor was able to give a slap at the local basketball court, a cursory look at his bio will reveal that he is an award winning basketball player and was even able to score a slam dunk during a game in the NBA. Moreover, he is a philanthropist in the true sense, donating money to many causes. He has also been a proud advocate for the LGBTQ community, especially in his home state of Missouri, and his church has shown a continued commitment to their members.

Despite his flamboyant antics, Carlton Funderburke has been a good guy, and a worthy candidate for a well-deserved trophy of honor. Whether he will be awarded the top prize or not is anyone’s guess. For now, though, he and his wife are a power couple in the kingdom. They have shown their devotion and passion for their church, and have been rewarded with the attention of the masses. Despite their recent brushes with the law, they continue to have the support of their fans and colleagues.