Walter Bridgforth Jr. Net Worth

Walter Baker Bridgforth is a producer and audio engineer who works at Avalon Hollywood, ZenMuse and ZenMuse Production. He is also a cousin to Gerald Albright. His net worth is not disclosed by media. However, his estimated worth is around $300 thousand. It is based on various social and economic factors.

Anita Baker is an American singer-songwriter, who started her career in the 80s. She is known for her sultry R&B ballads. She has earned several awards and eight Grammys. She has had multiple platinum albums. In addition to her music, she has a house in Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan. And she is the proud mother of two children from her marriage.

She and her former husband, Walter Bridgeforth Jr., divorced in 2007. After the couple’s separation, Baker filed a lawsuit against Bridgeforth. When the couple initially settled, the couple agreed that Bridgforth would give Baker a 50 percent share of his royalty from two of her albums. Despite this, Baker refused to sign documents that turned over her royalties to Bridgeforth. Her refusal put her at risk for a stint in jail.

The judge in the case appointed experts to help Baker rewrite her letters. But Baker still didn’t meet the deadline. As a result, the judge gave the actress a chance to explain her position to the judge. Ultimately, she was able to avoid a stint in prison.

Although the judge threatened to arrest Baker for contempt of court, she was able to avoid jail time. During the divorce settlement process, Baker was asked to pay $12k in royalty payments in 2009 and 2011. She had liens for unpaid state taxes and Pella Window & Door. With the deadline approaching, she refused to sign the documents.

In 2010, she faced another round of court proceedings after objecting to the amount she was owed. She refused to pay money that she said was undeserved. This led to the lawsuit she and her ex-husband filed. Since then, the pair has gone back and forth to court.

They have two sons from their marriage. Those sons, Edward and Carlton, are now 28 and 29 years old. Despite being born and raised in Detroit, the couple moved to Los Angeles. Their waterfront home was built in 1987 on the shore of Lake St. Clair. There is a three-car garage.

Both Walter and Anita have been very involved in their children’s lives. Their children, Evan and Edward, are attending Berklee College of Music. They have a close bond with their kids.

In the past, they had a very public and dramatic divorce. Whether it’s a successful one or not, it will surely go down as one of the most controversial divorces of all time.

Throughout their long and difficult marriage, the pair shared a mutual love and care for each other. They were married for almost two decades. Fortunately, both parties were able to get the divorce they wanted. While the divorce may have been a huge setback for Anita, it was a chance for the singer to rekindle her relationship with her family.