Wendy’s Gnome Shop Net Worth – How Much Is Wendy’s Gnome Shop Worth?

Wendy Hoffmeister is the founder of Wendy’s Gnome Shop, a decorative gnome company that makes unique and one-of-a-kind gnomes that are shipped to customers across the United States and internationally. The business was started in 2019 after Wendy began making gnomes as a hobby and then started selling them online. The gnomes are made from foam, cardboard, wood, and cloth with lengthy beards and caps that cover the eyes. They are designed to bring good luck and prosperity to homes.

In a Season 13 episode of Shark Tank, Wendy Hoffmeister pitched her custom garden gnomes business to the Sharks for a $200,000 investment in exchange for 20% of her company. The business has been growing rapidly, with sales doubling following her appearance on the show. Wendy has also diversified her products by creating themed gnomes that are sold for holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter.

During her pitch, Wendy describes the different themes of her gnomes and how they are made. She also explains that she and her daughter Amber are the sole owners of the company and work full-time on the gnome business. She then goes on to explain her profit margins and how she splits her sales between her website and Etsy. She claims that she has had $668,000 in sales in just 18 months and that her customer acquisition cost is about $5.

After her presentation, the Sharks ask Wendy questions about the company and her past. Kevin O’Leary questions her about other gnome companies and whether she has competition. She explains that her gnomes are unique and that her company has been a success because of its customer service and attention to detail. She then reveals that she has gone from selling 50 to 60 gnomes per day to over a thousand since her Shark Tank appearance.

Barbara Corcoran offers Wendy $200,000 for 30% of her company. Daymond John offers to match her offer, offering $200,000 for 35% and a dollar per gnome royalties in perpetuity. After some negotiation, both Barbara and Daymond agree to the deal.

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Mark Cuban is out of the deal because he doesn’t need gnomes in his portfolio, but he gives Wendy credit for her hard work. Lori Greiner is out because she thinks that the business is too niche and isn’t profitable enough, but she admits that she likes the gnomes. The deal is closed with Daymond, who will invest $200,000 for 30% of the company. The gnomes are sold on her website and through Etsy. Wendy has plans to open her own store in the future and she hopes that Daymon’s investment will help her achieve this goal. He also advises her to focus more on her website and less on the social media aspect of her business. He advises her to keep up the great work. We look forward to seeing the brand grow!